Web Design & Social Media


I have been managing the web and social media presence for independent record label Last Orders Records since it launched in 2014.

Social Media

I have steadily grown the following for the Last Orders Facebook page to 140 organic likes as of June 2016, none of which have been acquired via any of the various paid promotional options on Facebook. These are genuine fans of the page who have shown an interest in the output of Last Orders via carefully managed and thought out posts and content updates.

On Instagram, Last Orders has 72 followers and strategically posts a broader cross-section of content in order to engage with a wider variety of audiences.

The social media posts by Last Orders which have centered on promoting music by the bands and artists signed to the label have contributed to over 4,200 individual track plays on Soundcloud and Spotify (data via Soundcloud and Record Union dashboards).

Web Management


The website for Last Orders uses the WordPress CMS which allows for fast and efficient updates of visual content and blog posts. It also requires a working knowledge of HTML and CSS to edit theme files and work with plugins and shortcodes.

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