2014 Commonwealth Games – Audio Comms Technician

Audio Comms. Technician

XX Commonwealth Games – Opening/Closing Ceremonies (Jack Morton Worldwide) June-August 2014

During my Sound Production studying I volunteered with the Audio Comms. team of Jack Morton Worldwide, the production company behind the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. For over a month of rehearsals leading up to and including the ceremonies themselves, I was involved in:

  • Rigging PA equipment in a variety of acoustic environments including marquee tents, gym halls and outdoor settings
  • Running the Help Desk during rehearsals for any cast or crew member having difficulty with their in-ear monitor (IEM) radio units, earphone issues or any other communications troubles
  • Organising distribution of IEMs to groups of up to 500 volunteer cast members during rehearsals, and the entire cast on show nights
  • Responsible for running the department which distributed comms. equipment to crew and management
  • Operated LS9 desk during rehearsals, taking direction from Stage Management and Choreography crew